Elevated, rustic Aegean cuisine


The Mamakas kitchen will now be open for lunch Saturday through Sunday from 11:30am-3pm. A new Mamakas prix fixe menu will be available to experience alongside reimagined Mamakas favourites. Our daytime menu will also be available for pick-up and delivery through our website and Uber Eats.

Aegean cuisine is shaped by the sun, the sea and the soil. Culinary methods passed down through generations have become an intrinsic part of Aegean, and in turn, Mamakas culture. Our mission is to provide the most authentic representation of modern Greek cuisine and culture, while holding on to the generations past. 

Our vision is one of access; we endeavour to bring you the most authentic ingredients possible. As fresh as we can find. As unique and interesting as possible. We celebrate the subtle differences of our Mediterranean neighbours, and bring a contemporary lens to every creation, all the while providing an unrivalled guest experience.