January 5, 2015

There’s nothing greater than a mother’s love. But her cooking comes pretty close.

As the youngest of my siblings and cousins, the matriarchs of my family made sure I was never lonely. Taking me under their wing and into the kitchen, I learned the joys of traditional Greek cuisine and the hospitality of a kitchen that never closed.

Mamakas is my homage to their recipes and favourite meals of my childhood. This is the food I love. Food that my mother, grandmother and aunts would have served to our family and friends. Classical Aegean dishes reinterpreted for a new word, made with the freshest ingredients and my most treasured memories of Greece. Like the daily trip to the market for ripe and fragrant tomatoes. Visiting our trusted butcher for the fresh paithakia. Or the local fishmonger for the catch of the day.

Every bite is an invitation to explore the country I grew up with through food, art and music. Complemented by an extensive cellar offering only the finest Greek wine, beer and spirits.

My mother cooked with an open heart and passed down to me my love for food and hospitality. And I’m honoured to share it with you.


Thanos Tripi